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SAI Canada Careers and Immigration is a Canada based Global Company registered by the Govt. Of Canada. The company was founded in year 2014 especially for educational consulting services. Although, the parent company (1652753 Alberta Ltd.) is into the business since 2012 in Edmonton. SCCI provides professional services in the field of – International Universities and Colleges Collaboration, International Students Admissions, Student Exchange Programs, Faculty Exchange Programs, Institutional Tie-Up, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Institutional Branding, Marketing / Presentations and Recruitment for all the countries in the world assuring best services to the clients consistently.

We serve full circle in the area of educational – Training, Admissions, Branding, Marketing and Placements:

Mission Statement

We help our clients to successfully achieve their educational, professional, and immigration goals for Canada and worldwide by getting the most out of their foreign education.

Our Services for educational Institutes.

1. Arranging promotional activities and marketing events to recruit students from target countries (education exhibition, presentations, seminars, information session, advertisement, school visits, counseling etc.)

2. Promoting and marketing the Universities / Colleges / Institutes Globally in order to give the maximum outreach. All our initiative leads the organization to evolve as a Global brand.


3. We always take care of fetching good number of international Admissions from all around the world. We do right match by keeping in mind the requirements for the educational Institutes and the students in general. We bring right match together.

4. All our efforts empower the Organization to focus on their short term and long term professional goal. We also outsource the overseas Marketing and admission activities.


5. We assist our clients with specialized services in the field of International Student admissions, Foreign University/College/Institute collaborations. Students exchange programs, Faculty exchange programs, Joint research initiatives, Guest lectures, Seminars and presentations.


6. We provide a genuine platform which helps organizations to spread themselves globally.

7. We act as a bridge between the students and the Institutes, local university and the foreign universities, & corporate and the academia.

8. We also specialize in per-admission and post admission services. That’s why we say that we serve full life cycle in education.

9. We Specialize in Training, Placements and recruitment with a core focus on educational institutes. 






SAI Canada Service Portfolio:

  • International Student Recruitments
  • Foreign University Collaboration
  • LMIA and Work Permits
  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Citizenship Application
  • Business Immigration Visa
  • Tourist Visa and Business Visas
  • Family Visa Application
  • Parents and Spousal Visa
  • Business and Family Sponsership
  • Student Visa Applications
  • Business Visit Facilitation
  • Skilled Worker Visa Application
  • Free Case Assessment and Advice.


About International student Admission (Recruiting):

Studying Abroad is a dream of every student, since International exposure brings knowledge, enhances personality and wisdom. The career shines after getting foreign education and the student becomes professional in real sense. Choosing SCCI is considered as an advantage, since the services offered by its professionals in the field of international  education is the best and it becomes more welcoming than any other career opportunity. Many of us see foreign education as an expensive & complex affair but with the right guidance at the right time it can be an experience of a lifetime offering unmatched returns on investment. SINCE WE AT SCCI, ALWAYS DO RIGHT MATCH!

This is where we come into the picture, with hundreds of students sent every year to study abroad through our associate’s offices across major cities in India like Delhi, Jammu, Ahemadabad, Ghaziabad, Jaipur and Alwar, while the corporate office is located at Edmonton. We are in a better position to guide the students for the most suitable program to study abroad and country to choose, considering individual profile which includes past qualifications, work experience, budget and the career objective.

Our Service for International student:

1. Career Counselling

2. International University Admissions

3. Student Visa Documentation

4. Consultation for International Admission Tests, Scholarships, Education Loans, etc

5. Travel Arrangements

6. Post Landing Services.


Our Mission: We thrive to become the most trusted source for guidance and assistance for prospective international students in achieving their dream career abroad. We are Trusted Partner for various top notch International Universities & Colleges and have a network of more than 350 Institutes and universities located in the major study abroad destinations across the globe including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, India, etc.

Here are the TOP 10 Advantages which we can provide at almost no cost to you:

1. FREE Career Counselling by counsellors having international exposure of studying & working abroad,

2. FREE Assistance for International Admission Test Preparation,

3. FREE Documentation for University Admission,

4. FREE Documentation for Visa Applications,

5. Application Fee Waiver for University/College Admission Applications (where available)

6. FREE assistance in applying for Education Loans & Scholarships,

7. Specially designed Travel Arrangements for students like Air Tickets, Forex, Phone & Discount Cards,

8. FREE Pre-Departure Orientation & Post Arrival Airport Pick (where available)

9. FREE Accommodation & Part-time job search assistance,

10. FREE assistance in settling abroad after graduating abroad.

Please provide us an opportunity to serve you with best of the professional services..