Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (Canada-Peru FTA)

The Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (Canada-Peru FTA) simplifies entry of qualified persons to Canada through so called ‘Canada-Peru FTA Work Permit.’ 

Under certain conditions, Canadian employers may hire citizens and permanent residents of Peru without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This significantly shortens the application process.

How Can Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement Help My Business?


Similar to most of Canada’s free trade agreements, the Canada-Peru FTA is modeled on the NAFTA agreement. Consequently, there are four main groups of persons who are eligible to apply:

  • Business Visitors
  • Professionals/Technicians
  • Intra-Company Transferees
  • Trades/Investors

Canadian employers may hire citizens and permanent residents of Peru primarily through the Professional/Technician and Intra-Company Transferee categories. Although similar to NAFTA, there are some important differences. Continue reading for Canada-Peru specific requirements and then refer to the NAFTA agreement for the general requirements.

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Special Hiring Program

Professionals and Technicians


In order to qualify, professionals and technicians from Peru must seek a pre-arranged employment in Canada. In other words, applicants must have an employment offer from a Canadian employer to qualify.

As for the nature of the employment, one options is to become salaried employees of a Canadian company. Alternatively, a contract must be signed with the professional’s/technician’s employer in Peru, on whose behalf the person will provide services to the company in Canada.

Criteria for Professionals:

  • a professional is a person who is engaged in a specialty occupation.
  • a specialty occupation is an occupation that falls within the National Occupation Classification (NOC) levels 0 and A.
  • the professional meets requirements as defined in the NOC.
  • the occupation is not on the list of disallowed occupations (Negative List). (SEE Below)

Criteria for Technicians:

  • a technician is a person whose occupation is included in the list (Positive List) (SEE Below)

Negative List – Professionals Not Covered

All Health, Education, and Social Services occupations and related occupations:

All Professional occupations related to Cultural Industries, including:

Other Professional occupations

Positive List – Technicians that are covered

Supervisors in the following:

Contractors and Supervisors in the following: