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Before recruiting foreign labour, Businesses must obtain government approval through what is now known as a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). When a Canadian business is unable to find a local Canadian worker to fill the position, an LMIA is issued. The primary method of establishing this is by posting job openings in Canada and making an effort to recruit Canadians, so demonstrating that the candidates lack the necessary skills for the position being provided.

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How to hire foreign workers in Canada ?

Are you an employer seeking for motivated, hard-working staff members? If the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is appropriate for you, we can assist with that decision. These are the services that we provide. Contact us today to get the candidate profiles for your job openings.

Federal Skilled Workers

Federal Skilled Trades

Provincial Nominees

Canadian Experience Class

How to hire a temporary foreign worker through the TFWP or the International Mobility Program, Labour Market Impact Assessments, and processing timeframes

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How to Hire an LMIA Employee

How Do I Hire Someone Without an LMIA?

What happens once you recruit a temporary employee?

How may a temporary worker’s permit be extended? 

How to hire newcomers: Departments, agencies, and the private sector

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Hire bilingual or French-speaking personnel outside of Quebec.

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offering positions to Express Entry applicants

Hire international students . Learn how an employer can hire international students

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How to apply?                                                                                                How much it costs ?                                                                                        what to do if your job changes, is eliminated, or is terminated ?

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