Immigration lawyers in Canada

Why hire a Canadian immigration lawyer? Citizenship and Immigration Canada is clear that using representation will not result in a file receiving special treatment. So, why file your own application when you may employ a qualified Canadian immigration lawyer? In spite of the fact that some Canadian immigration forms and procedures may seem straightforward, the underlying legal issues and consequences are actually rather complicated.  A competent Canadian immigration lawyer would have been able to prevent the majority of mistakes committed by self-represented applicants, which can result in expensive delays or a disfavorable outcome.

Immigration consultants Edmonton Rajeev Sharma RCIC

Rajeev Sharma

Rajeev Sharma is one of the best RCIC Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada, having his offices in Edmonton , Alberta and a branch office in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .Over the past few years, Rajeev Sharma and his team have been able to help thousands of clients migrate to Canada and secure their PR. Sai Canada Immigration, directed by Rajeev Sharma, is without a doubt one of Canada’s greatest immigration professionals. As clients frequently mention in their reviews, the attention to detail and quality of service at Sai Canada are exceptional. Schedule an appointment with our team to review your immigration case and plan your immigration strategy.

Immigrate to Canada

We provide a free examination of qualification and eligibility for people who are interested in learning if they are eligible for Canadian immigration. The easiest method to find out if you are eligible for immigration to Canada is to complete our free assessment form. Within a day, we will respond to you.


Business Immigration

For managers or businesspeople seeking immigration to Canada, the Business/Investor Immigration Program may be a preferable fast-track option. If you are interested in making a qualifying investment in Canada or in buying or establishing a Canadian business, please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Work Permits in Canada

Typically, an employment offer from Canada must be obtained before applying for a work permit. There are some sorts of work permit exemptions, allowing people to join the Canadian labour market without having a work permit from Canada. In some cases, people can obtain an open work permit without going through LMIA procedure

Study Permits

In general, getting accepted into a Canadian university is the initial step in getting a study permit. Currently, educational programmes in Canada lasting six months or less are not subject to the requirement for a study permit.

Very professional. Had a great experience, Bharti mam helped me with my immigration processing. Highly recommended.
nikita sharma
nikita sharma
I recently had consultation with them. Their work is great, very professional and friendly as well. They know their work and responsibilities very well, one could definitely rely on them. Special thanks to Anita, Abhinav and Rashi.
Akash Donda
Akash Donda
Good team work always recommended for all Immgiration work.
Mukesh Chona
Mukesh Chona
Really appreciate your services which was rendered during my entire Work permit process to Canada. Well matured and educated staffs and very helpful too.
Dharanibabu Deenadayalan
Dharanibabu Deenadayalan
Sai immigration is the best consultancy for immigration to Canada. All the members of this team are so serious and dedicated to their work that any client can be sure for their work to be done after getting in contract with Sai immigration .
deepak jain
deepak jain

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