Spousal Sponsorship or Spousal visa comes Under Canada Family Class Program, Spouse Sponsorship is meant for those who want to offer sponsorship to their spouse or common law partner/conjugal partner and their dependent children.

SAI Canada Immigration can help you in finding your eligibility as a sponsor and will provide assistance to you and your spouse and dependent children in sponsorship application and permanent residence application.

To get a visa through Canada Spouse Sponsorship program, both the sponsor and the sponsored person should be able to prove their relationship and must be under any of the three categories—

  • Spouse—Sponsor and sponsored person must be legally married and should have legal document to prove their claim. Common-law partner—Common-law partnership means both the parties must be living together for not less than one year excluding brief absence of family or business reasons.
  • Conjugal Partner—A conjugal partner is a foreign national living outside Canada who happens to be in a conjugal relationship with a sponsor for not less than one year but could not stay with the sponsor as a couple.

As a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner/conjugal partner and his or her dependent children. Your partner may be either of the same sex or opposite sex.

    The sponsored person should—
  • Be not less than 16 years of age; and
  • Not be too closely related to the sponsor (by blood).
  • Should be not less than 18 years of age;
  • Should be a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident living in Canada;
  • Must not be a bankrupt, in prison, under any removal order (if he or she is a Canada permanent resident) or charged
  • with any serious offence; and
  • Should not have been sponsored as a spouse to Canada within the period of last five years.

As an Immigration Consultant Canada, SAI Canada Immigration is there to assist you in knowing your eligibility as a sponsor and will help you and your spouse in the sponsorship application process and Canada permanent residence application process. We take pride in serving our clients with professional and caring immigration services globally.

We know that any single error could delay your spouse sponsorship application or may result in refusal. That is why every application goes through the final scan check of our Director Mr. Rajeev Sharma , who always provides you professional guidance to cover every single aspect of Canada immigration application process to avoid any chance of mistake.

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We, at Sai Canada Immigration, invite you to become a part of our ever-increasing family of happy Canadian citizens and permanent residents. We have already assisted a large number of Canadian citizens and permanent residents bring their common law/conjugal partners and spouses to Canada.