Employer Sponsorship Hiring





Program Overview:

This program will help you hire international workers to fill skilled and semi-skilled workers shortages in your company as part of our current immigration-aligned program offerings and make a more straightforward process. We are experts in skilled workers of hiring, skilled trade certification, licensing, language training, and legally entering Canada from the Singapore region. We want to invite you for either an online zoom discussion or an in-person meeting regarding your company’s workforce requirements. We will provide further details about how we can help you hire international workers from Singapore, The Philippines, India, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.


Help Canadian companies to recruits qualified International skilled, skilled trade and semi-skilled worker.

Help skilled, Skilled trade and semi-skilled worker and students go to Canada with a job, employer sponsorship, unlimited skilled certification(s), unlimited language training, license, and a pathway towards immigration to successful in the complete package from start to end.

Program Benefits:

  • You will have a selection of a highly diverse, multicultural, and talented pool of highly skilled international experienced workers to choose from.
  • Latest immigration-aligned program means the permanent resident pathway program gives you an almost 100% guaranteed success rate of sponsoring and visa approvals even pandemic time.
  • The program brings workers who guarantee at least four (2+2) years of service with your company
  • Legal, hassle-free recruitment and hiring support from our immigration consultant or attorney
  • The hiring of skilled trade certified employees – Trained and landed in Canada for the exam
  • Assist from the start to the end, A to Z processing.

Steps and duration:

  • The process begins with discussing your requirements with us via zoom or in-person meeting.
  • Accept quotation and Signing agreement to kick start.
  • We will send you resumes and any other necessary documents to choose whom you would like to interview
  • SAI Canada will schedule an interview for the employer and the candidate
  • Once you have selected the candidate(s) you would like to hire, here in our Edmonton Head Office, we would begin all of the legal requirements from A-Z for the employer’s side and at the same time, our team in candidate country will also be the one in-charge with the candidate’s side.
  • Process and finalize a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the positions you are hiring
  • Finally, apply a work permit application for approval for first 2 years and extend another 2 year end of the first period.
  • Total duration of the program takes 4-6 months

Our Services:

  • We find qualified trades people and skilled and semi-skilled worker.
  • We will assess their credentials to work for you in Canada under the latest immigration policy
  • We arrange for federal and provincial trades exams, training, licensing, and certification
  • Using international trainers, we train the employee for the International English and Skilled Trade certification before their work permit and permanent resident after. 


If you are interested in discussing further, you can book a meeting through online Zoom Or in-person  by clicking the button below to discuss this in detail. We look forward to meeting with you!