Express Entry

This is a new process introduced by Canada in January 2015 to choose permanent residents based on the experience and skills needed in development of the economy. Express Entry is an online process based on a ranking system.

Recent changes to Express Entry system—

  • The amount of points you gain for having a job offer has changed;
  • Now you get 90 days to apply instead of 60 days;
  • Now you can earn some additional points for studying in Canada;
  • Now a valid offer of job should be for one year only. Moreover, some job offers don’t require any LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) now.

It may be noted that Canadian territories and provinces can recruit candidates from Express Entry system through their respective PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) for meeting local labor market requirements.

To get qualify under Express Entry Canada, any applicant should be eligible under any of the following three immigration programs–

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)—It provides an option of Canada permanent settlement based on the skills and abilities of skilled workers.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)—This program is for applicants who are qualified trade workers and wish to immigrate to Canada permanently after getting an offer of job.

Two steps of Express Entry Canada—

  1. Completion of an online Express Entry Profile—All potential candidates shall have to complete an online Express Entry profile. This is considered to be a secure form for providing details regarding the following—
  • Their language ability;
  • Their education;
  • Work experience
  • Skills; and
  • Any other information that shall help Canada immigration department to assess them properly.

Those who fulfill the eligibility conditions of one of the three immigration programs (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program) shall be accepted into a pool of candidates.

Any candidate not having a job offer supported by an LMIA (if it’s needed) or a nomination from any Canadian province/territory needs to get registered with ESDC’s(Employment and Social Development Canada)Job Bank. Job Bank helps Express Entry candidates get connected with eligible employers in Canada.

Candidates can promote themselves with potential employers using recruiters, job boards etc. Employers usually require an LMIA from ESDC for any job offer to be valid in Express Entry and get points.

Highest ranking candidates get invitation to apply for permanent residence—Candidates get ranked against others in Express Entry pool on the basis of a point-based system known as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). Points are offered on the basis of information provided in their profile.Those with highest scores get an invitation to apply. Points are awarded for following—

  • Skills and experience; and/or
  • A job offer, and/or
  • A nomination from any territory/province.

Additional points are awarded for—

  • A valid job offer;
  • Qualifying education in Canada; or
  • A nomination by a territory/province.

Such additional points make a candidate rank sufficiently high to get invitation to apply at the next eligible round of invitations. CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) processes most of applications within six months or less.

Any candidate can stay in the pool for a maximum period of up to one year. They need to submit a new profile if they don’t receive an invitation to apply for Canada permanent residency within one year of submission of their Express Entry profile. They may re-enter the pool if they fulfill the eligibility requirements.

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