LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment

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Before recruiting a foreign worker, a Canadian business may be required to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).A qualified LMIA will demonstrate that a foreign worker is required to fill the position. Additionally, it will demonstrate that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is qualified for the position. 

A confirmation letter is another name for a positive LMIA. 

Employers must apply for LMIAs if they are required.

The employee can submit a work permit application after the employer receives the LMIA.

A worker must have a job offer letter, a contract, a copy of the LMIA, and the LMIA number in order to apply for a work permit.

Before a worker applies for a work permit, some types of  employers are required to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Employment and Social Development Canada’s LMIA is a form that enables an employer to engage a temporary employee.

You receive a job offer letter from a Canadian firm (as a temporary worker). It describes the specifics of your position.

A job offer letter, often known as a “employment letter,” is typically less comprehensive than a contract.

The letter contains details regarding your pay and deductions from it.

your job responsibilities and employment terms, such as the hours of work

With your work visa application, attach a copy of your employment offer letter if you require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

A “job offer letter” and a “offer of employment” are not the same thing. If your employer can engage you without an LMIA, they must submit the offer of employment through the Employer Portal. When you submit an application for a work visa, the site creates an offer of employment number that you will need.